Naruto: Rebirth of Nations

Naruto: Rebirth of Nations

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 Village System

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PostSubject: Village System   June 17th 2018, 11:33 am


There is no maximum nor a minimum amount of active villagers in order for a village to maintain active. It is both the responsibility of the village and its Kage to promote activity within their village as well as draw in new character's and members. Whether a village is just starting out or is full blown, adopting new ninja will set a foundation from which your village can support itself from. Biweekly, the amount of community points will become a multiplier applied to the sum total of ryo amassed by the missions of each villager, it then can be distributed at the digression of the Kage as reward to its members or to improve upon the current village conditions.

  • 1 Person = 1 Community Point
  • 3 Person = 5 Community Points
  • 5 Person = 7 Community Points
  • 7 Person = 9 Community Points 
  • 9 person = 11 Community Points 
  • 13+ person = 15 Community Points

**Note: All members of the village do not have to remain active in order to keep the villages status once achieved, the goal is to reach the milestones, thus NPCs will be used in their place. This also applies if a member goes rogue.  

Village Jobs

Aside from taking on shinobi missions, a job within the village is another method of acquiring Ryo and in some cases Experience Points. Most of the jobs listed below play a critical role in the vitality and longevity of a village, thus in order to have a functioning village a minimum of 3 positions must be filled at any given time with the exception of the kage position  

  • Kage - 1
  • Blacksmith or Craftsman - 2 &/Or 4
  • Head Medic of Medical Division & Team- 1 & 4
  • Head Sensor of Sensory Division - 1 & 4
  • Academy Teacher - 1
  • Squad Leaders - 5
  • Kage's Advisor - 2
  • Head Interrogator - 2
  • Zoologist - 2
  • Herbologist - 2
  • Gate Keepers 2

Structures & Grounds

Villages consist of structures that create its defenses, support the infrastructure, and provide for the wellness of its citizens. Each plays a vital role in what can be considered the lifeline of the village and inevitably play a factor in whether Players stay, the absence of one or the destruction of multiple take a tole on characters.

  • + Village Defenses | - Defense Disabled
  • + Kage Tower | - Sensory/Mission Disabled
  • + Central Bank | Update Disabled
  • + Medical Center | - Medical Aid Disabled
  • + Weapon/Item Shop | - Weapons Disabled
  • + Academy Building | - Character Creation Disabled
  • + Housing District | - Recovery/Clan Creation
  • + Training Grounds | - Training Updates Disabled
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Village System
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