Naruto: Rebirth of Nations

Naruto: Rebirth of Nations

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 Mission System

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PostSubject: Mission System   April 6th 2017, 6:39 pm

Mission System

In addition to acting as the army for their country, the ninja of villages also acts as a business by essentially contracting their armed forces out to private parties. Each day clients will come to the village and pay for the services of the ninja, requesting jobs that can range from the mundane, such as walking the feudal lord's dog and keeping it safe, to the assassination of deadly wanted criminals. 

These jobs are thus divided into difficulty ranks, each of which are assigned only to certain shinobi - DCBA, and finally, S. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay the village, which in turn pays the shinobi after taking a percentage; however, upon failure, no Mission Rewards will ever be rendered.

Missions are an essential way of keeping your village afloat, and keeping yourself in the game. Although, it is up to the village's Kage to make relevant missions with difficulty based on task, not writing length.

Mission objectives are characterized as a portion of the mission needed to compete in order for the entirety of the mission to be considered a success and a reward is given. Aside from the Word Count needed for the entirety of the mission the objectives also have  a number requirement which gets added to the overall total.

D-Rank Mission — Being the lowest rank a mission can be designated, these missions are generally glorified make work and menial tasks. While they are usually not too challenging and never pose greater risk than suffering a scratch or two from a lost cat; what these missions do accomplish is teach the genin set to complete them the value of team work.

Additionally it is a good way for the leaders of genin team to see how their team interacts with one another on the job. Tasks that might fall under this category would be catching lost pets, public services such as cleaning trash from the village and so forth.

Rewards and Requirements
3,500 Ryo
150 WC
— 1 Objective
- 300 WC

C-Rank Mission — Likely, the most common rank of mission out there. Unlike D rank missions which are generally more menial tasks, C rank missions frequently are expected to have combat within them and at the very least are considered to be more dangerous.

Generally, any mission that leaves a home country's borders are at least C rank and while combat with other shinobi is unlikely, combat with wild animals and less threatening forces such as bandits occurs somewhat frequently. Overall C rank missions cover a much more broad range of mission types with everything from guarding low risk targets, performing investigations, clearing out wild animals and combating untrained human forces all fall within this rank category.

Rewards and Requirements
7,000 Ryo
200 WC
— 2 Objectives
- 400 WC each

B-Rank Mission — While C rank missions are the most common ranking of mission that shinobi receive, a close runner up are B ranked missions.  For a mission to be ranked a B there generally is either a near certainty that the shinobi involved in the mission will clash with hostile shinobi forces or that the outcome of the mission will minor affect the standing of the village on a whole.

Missions that would fall within the B rank category might be guarding individuals who are likely to come under attack from shinobi, espionage missions into non-shinobi nations or even just hunting down the less risky combat forces such as bandits with some shinobi training.

Rewards and Requirements
55,000 Ryo
250 WC
— 3 Objectives
- 500 WC each

A-Rank Mission — Assigned to one or more A-Rank mission occasionally have an elite jounin placed in command of them. A rank missions while not an uncommon occurrence, are some of the most dangerous missions your average shinobi will participate in their life. A rank missions are generally full of danger and have a near certainty of running into strong shinobi opposition, will dictate the standing of the shinobi village and the entire country it protects or a combination of both.

These missions generally revolve around guarding important people such as a visiting Daimyo of another country, neutralizing strong shinobi forces or carrying out lower risk assassination jobs.

Rewards and Requirements
95,000 Ryo
350 WC
— 4 Objectives
- 600 WC each

S-Rank Mission — Generally assigned to either teams or village Elite's of S rank, these missions usually involve matters that will affect the entirety of a village's country or in many cases, affect the entirety of the shinobi world. These missions generally consist of assassinating the most difficult or risky of targets such as heads of countries or even the heads of other shinobi villages. Further possible missions consist of transporting highly classified documents, gathering infiltrating shinobi villages and protecting the most important of VIP's.

While these missions are not to be taken on lightly, it is exactly these sort of missions that can raise a shinobi's career and fame to unbelievable heights and pays a pretty sum of money as well.

Rewards and Requirements
160,000 Ryo
— 5 Objectives
- 700 WC each

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Mission System
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